Who lost his throne for Palestine

Did not raise the debate about the personal world as much as they erupted around the figure of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II, has been characterized by man’s qualities leadership skills enabled him because makes the issue of Islam, his main concern is to save the Ottoman state in its administration the last from the clutches of enemies abroad and Westernization inside his business, and was this phenomenon is the secret of the campaign waged by enemies to discredit him and destroy his leadership, which had been a succession of Muslims. We haveproved the Sultan Abdul Hamid II that he was able to manage the helm of State in the process of the most dangerous phases of the Ottoman Empire, has shown that men experience made ​​him the man who last fall of the Ottoman quarter of a century at a time when falling global security, starting with Jews and minoritiesmalevolent and the colonial powers and the end of organizations and personalities that penetrated into the body of the Ottoman Empire ..
I have enjoyed the Jews in Palestine, which was subject toOttoman rule, and in other places a substantial portion ofreligious freedom, were not of their own shares in any European country, during the Ottoman rule did not take any formal actionworth mentioning opposes Jews or distinguish between them andthe population, the opposite of what Maqoh colors of suffering in most European countries
Took advantage of the Jews the sympathy of the Ottoman Empireon them but they presumed upon the conditions that wereexperienced by the Ottoman state to pressure the Sultan AbdulHamid, to establish a national home for them in Palestine, where the debts of the state about 252 million pieces of gold, an amountlarge scale of that era, though the Sultan was careful throughouthis reign not to borrow from abroad only in the narrowest limits.Stop the Sultan Abdul Hamid II against the Jewish immigrantslookout, and tried to prevent it with all his force, and it was a bold decision than in the period of the Ottoman Empire known as thesick man of Europe, however, rejected all the international pressure and temptations Jewish to allow them to immigrate toPalestine
The migrations of some Jews to the land of Palestine in 1881 and 1882 AD – 1896 AD, and were able to organize some of the colonies. Then felt the Sultan Abdul Hamid II to the present danger; Jewish Oliphant informed the envoy that the Jews can live in peace in any part of the territory of the Ottoman Empire except Palestine. And sent the Sultan a memorandum to the acting in Jerusalem, Rauf Pasha asking him to prevent the Jews who hold national Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian entry into Jerusalem, as reported to the consuls of European states in the Istanbul decision of the Ottoman government to prevent Russian Jews especially from the settlement of Palestine and then sent Theodor Herzl a letter to the Sultan Abdul Hamid II offered him a loan from the Jews of twenty million pounds sterling in return for promoting Jewish immigration to Palestine, the Jews and give them a piece of land residing autonomy
The rejection of Sultan Abdul Hamid II this offer despite the need of the Ottoman Empire to the funds, responded to Herzl said: “Recommend Dr. Herzl not to take serious steps in this topic; I can not give up a single inch of land, they are not the property of right-wing, but the king the Islamic nation that fought in the process, and told by RVF, Fleihtfez Jews Bmlaaném, and if torn Caliphate days, they can then take Palestine without a price. As I live, the work of the scalpel in the physical to the lesser of those who would like to see Palestine had been amputated from the Islamic state, and this is not be; I can not agree on the Anatomy of our bodies and we are alive
This position was supervisor of the Sultan Abdul-Hamid did not differ by one, but at all times must be no clients and opponents, and this is what happened with the Sultan Abdul Hamid II, it has been subjected to an assassination attempt because of his policy towards the Palestinian cause; One of these attempts try to (Ali Saawi), who was a supporter of the English, tried to take off the Sultan Abdul Hamid II and the inauguration of the deposed Sultan Murad V, but failed in the conspiracy. And also the Association (Klante) Masonic plot to oust the Sultan in July 1878 after nearly two months of a conspiracy Saawi, so the Sultan dismissed Adham Pasha, Grand Vizier known allegiance to Freemasonry.The rebels also attempted assassination of the Sultan of Armenians in the July 21, 1905 m, but they failed. Despite all these efforts of Zionism and the international pressure did not exceed the total of immigrated during the years of the first wave of major immigration of Jews (1882 AD – 1903) a number between 20-30 thousand migrants and no more; and after strenuous efforts, pressures and temptations of our offer to each other and when they lost hope of the Jews in around this rock were determined to break it. Indeed, behind the Jews of Union and Progress secular relations of Freemasonry and Judaism, and this Assembly was able to take off in the end, Abdul Hamid, Sultan makes, and take the lead in the state, especially after the abolition of the Caliphate by Ataturk in 1924. However, Sultan Abdul Hamid was able to maintain a considerable period of the Ottoman Empire from falling, as he kept the land of Palestine in all of the effort that lies in the hands of the Jews, and was a result of this policy that lost his throne for Palestine ..
Of the most important works of Sultan Abdul Hamid, and perhaps the real reason for removing him from office, which is addressing the brave and the bold attempts to Jews desperate to buy Palestine and the Jews Eldonma in Turkey in cooperation with the Zionist world in order to get rid of this Sultan courageous, and through the induction of the union movement and promotion of national measure the events of the people and the strife that led to wear it in the end, 1327 e 1909, has remained depends on his palace in Istanbul until he died on 29 Rabi II 1336 AH corresponding to February 10, 1918, after seeing his own eyes what happened to the country at the hands of his successors Unionists in the First World War.


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