Elections after the revolution in Egypt

The world have praised the Egyptians in the scramble for ballot boxes and they said in their right they proved to be receptive todemocracy on the opposite of what was promoted by the former regime
In fact, this is less than their right to Egyptians today andyesterday and the last ten years on the same level of awarenessand intelligence have boycotted the elections for long long timebecause they know the extent of false and today, when broughtevidence to confirm its integrity or that the road to the integrity of the paved or obstacles by a few scrambled vote
We have not changed today from yesterday, but the reality haschanged and we have responded very effectively gagged Natzlhwe were very seriously these are the Egyptians

This at the same time reflects the delayed Egyptian media officialand private sectors to understand the psychological and the genius behind the prosecution and the Egyptian revolution, whichset off the media is still the potential moves according to the turtleto keep up with very great potential triggered by the revolution did not create
  The Egyptians succeeded in the revolution, elections, and stillother observers and analysts and the media run their channels in a way the previous regime


About ahmedsalah1

Egyptian engineer and researcher .. Much concerned with scientific, political and global research
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